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It’s amazing how one simple item can change the look and feel of an entire room. A rug is one of these items, and your choice of rug can make or break your home’s aesthetic. Fantastic Rugs have so many colours, patterns, styles and designs when it comes to shag rugs.

A large shaggy rug is the perfect family rug. As well as offering a funk aesthetic, they are practical too, being soft for sitting or playing or any other activity you may be doing around the home. Alternatively, they are also a great option for offering character to any apartment. Whether you have one in the lounge, bedroom or elsewhere, a shaggy rug is a joy to behold. Browse the range from Fantastic Rugs and find one that suits your personal style.

Chic, retro and edgy

Shag rugs are undeniably one of the most popular carpets with homeowners. They bring a sleek and with-it “retro” feel to any room they’re placed in. Whether you’re putting a shag rug in your home or office, they’re sure to be the life of the party with their confident combination of visual appeal and snug cosiness.

Shag rugs might become even more popular than your coolest sofa as “the” spot for you and your guests to lounge on. Families will also love them for their all-over comfort while playing a board game on the coffee table or just lying back and watching TV. So, whether you want to go bold with eye-catching pastels or get wild with daring patterns, you will have the widest assortment of shag rugs to choose from at Fantastic Rugs.

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Spoil yourself by choosing from all the top styles and designs in shaggy rugs, kids rugs, natural rugs, and so many other kinds of rugs for your family. We always strive to put the customer first. Get in touch with us for more information on our products, we’re always happy to chat about rugs with you! When you order with us, you’ll get free delivery with orders over $99. Treat yourself to a rug that will provide years of enjoyment, and get a shaggy rug online with Fantastic Rugs today.

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